Cost effective Concrete Leveling

Drye Polyjacking is committed to raising and leveling your hazardous and unstable concrete.  Polyjacking is the cost effective alternative to concrete replacement.

What concrete can be raised?

  • Sidewalks
  • driveways
  • airline runways
  • swimming pool decks
  • warehouse floors
  • patios
  • AC pads
  • sheds
  • curbs
  • and many more

Solid slabs of concrete can be raised and stabilized.  Gravel areas or blacktop are unable to be repaired and need to be replaced and reinstalled to remedy settling issues.

Slabs of concrete that are too badly cracked may also be to far damaged to lift.

If you are not sure if your concrete can be raised, contact Drye Polyjacking for a Free Estimate.  Raising settled concrete can be half the cost of replacing it with less damage to your landscaping and downtime.
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